Welcome to
The Parish of St David and St Paul

A Brief History of Our Church

The history of the Anglican Church in Powell River is almost as old as the original Powell River Company. Many Christians shared space for worship in the very early days. Services were conducted in various locations, including an area under No1 and No 2 paper machines and Michigan Beach, now Willingdon Beach. In 1920 Anglicans were permitted to use the kindergarten room in what then was the library building. That building was to be immediate right of our building today. The teacherís desk was turned back to front, covered with a white damask tablecloth, which substituted for a reredos. Mr T Morrison conducted the first Anglican services in Powell River in 1911. Services were conducted by missionaries who traveled from Vancouver. In 1921 Rev P Wade was appointed first Parish Priest of St Paulís Parish.
A succession of clergy presided over the continuing growth of St Paulís until 1951 when plans were drawn up to build a new church on land occupied by the old fire hall. In 1955 the present church was dedicated.
By 1930, services were also being held in Westview. Land was acquired in 1932 and the Parish of St David was formed. In 1957 St Davidís Church was dedicated.
During the 1970ís church attendance began to decline. As a result in 1980 the two parishes merged to form one, known today as the Parish of St David and St Paul.

Incumbent priests of St Paulís Church since 1921

      Rev PC Wade  1921-1923    
      Rev WJ Thompson 1923-1929
      Rev HU Oswald 1930-1934   
      Rev RW Biddell 1934-1938
      Rev WE Gilbert 1938-1942    
      Rev WJT Clarke 1942-1946
      Rev E Linfoot  1946-1951      
      Rev J Russell  1952-1958
      Rev GA Stegen 1958-1966   
      Rev D Chassels 1966-1973
      Rev A Pike 1974-1979         
      Rev J Martin 1979-1985
      Rev T Fisher 1986-1990       
      Rev K Hansen 1991-1999
      Rev P Bowie  2001-2008      
      Rev A Torchia  2009-2015
      Rev F Harriman 2016


Faun Heather Harriman is the new Anglican priest at St. David and St. Paulís Church in the townsite. She came into the ministry late in life after a long and successful media sales career. An animal lover, Faun lives in the rectory with her cat Pita, whom she adopted after fostering. Shortly after moving here six months ago, Faun purchased a cottage by the sea that she plans to move into next year.

She has a daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons who live in Comox and a son, daughter-in-law, grandson and granddaughter in China.

Why did you choose to move to Powell River?

Faun: I applied for the position of Vicar for the Anglican Parish of St. David and St. Paul in the Townsite. I was fortunate to be hired.

When? Where from?

Faun: I was the rector at St Albanís in Burnaby and lived in New Westminster. I moved here in September 2016.

What surprised you about Powell River once you moved here?

Faun: People are very friendly. For instance, a cashier at QF not knowing me was very friendly and by week two she knew my name. I felt like I was on the set of Cheers.

What made you decide to move to Powell River?

Faun: I moved here to work and to be closer to my family in Comox.

Where is you favourite place in Powell River?

Faun: Driving along Marine Avenue and looking at the ocean.

How did you first hear about Powell River?

Faun: I heard the church was looking for a new priest. I have been able to buy a cottage by the sea.

What would make Powell River a nicer community?

Faun: If everyone came to the Anglican Church!

If you were mayor, what would you do?

Faun: Be very intentional about re-vitalizing downtown Marine Avenue. It is a treasure.

If you were a fly, which wall would you inhabit?

Faun: The Mayorís office.

What are Powell Riverís best assets?

Faun: Location, location, location, ocean, mountains, islands, sunsets.

What is you greatest extravagance?

Faun: Renovating my house.

Which superpower would you most like?

Faun: I would like to have wisdom in all situations.